Rarepar, our partner for high-quality automotive spare parts, works with us to offer a unique solution for garages in Europe. That require specialized, hard-to-find spare parts. To find rare parts that are no longer produced by the manufacturer. Through close cooperation, we have identified a high demand for specific parts that are no longer manufactured and have started to reproduce these exclusively according to original specifications. Discover our exclusive spare parts manufactured to original specifications – a reliable source of quality parts to drive your business forward.


Rely on ProtectMesh to ensure the security of your servers and successfully master the challenges of the fast-moving IT world.

Databunker is a comprehensive all-in-one solution developed specifically for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This innovative platform integrates essential IT security and infrastructure components such as firewall, backup solutions as well as terminal, production and database servers in a single product.

Databunker thus offers a unique combination of security, efficiency and user-friendliness by reducing the complexity of the IT infrastructure while ensuring a high standard of protection against digital threats.

Databunker provides SMEs with a customized solution that enables them to manage their IT systems securely, reliably and cost-effectively.